Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website or blog can be an overwhelming task as there are so many beautiful and fascinating WordPress themes available to choose from.  There are also many WordPress theme development companies that provide rich quality theme development service.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing a WordPress theme to help you make a choice that meets your needs.

  1. What is Your Website’s Objective?

Having clear objective for your website from the onset will enable you begin your search in the right direction. What is the purpose of your website and your intended audience? What features and functionality will you need to get the most from your website? When you have a clear objective, then you can go in search of a theme that fits your needs and meets the requirement of your website’s objective.

Assuming you want to build and ecommerce website, you will definitely need a WordPress theme that is compatible with woo-commerce plugin. If you want to build a website for an entertainment company, then you have to search for “entertainment” themes and from the thousands of available entertainment themes choose from the themes that align most to your objective.

  1. Simplicity and Performance.

A lot of WordPress themes have aesthetic designs and very appealing features. To get the best, choose a theme that is simple with a good performance and a good user-experience.

Browse through the themes and go for a theme with a design layout that supports your objectives. A theme that has a good style and elegant look and still does not compromise on the simplicity, performance and usability of your website is the best theme for you.

  1. Free or Premium Theme.

Free themes are free with limited features and customization options. Some are poorly coded and most developers of free theme do not provide support and updates. Premium themes are relatively cheap and generally of higher quality. They come with an abundance of features, customization options and better access to support and updates from developers.

If you don’t have any plan of customizing or monetizing your website, you may try a free theme, but just understand that you are taking a higher risk as most free themes does not offer support or updates. If you are building a business website, a premium theme will be the best option for you because of its high quality, features, detailed documentation, support and regular updates.

  1. Responsive Mobile-Friendly Themes.

Themes with layouts that flexibly expand and retract to look great on any screen from almost any device are responsive mobile-friendly themes. They have “web-friendly fonts” at your disposal. Texts, images and interactive elements are legible and easy to use on any device.

Being responsive and mobile-friendly is one of the features that you cannot compromise as a significant number of web traffic is generated from mobile, tablets and other handheld devices. Responsive mobile friendly themes provide great user experience for all types of visitors, regardless of the device they use.

  1. Browser Compatibility.

Some themes appear differently when viewed in certain browsers. You need to make sure that the theme you choose fits and is cross-compatible with all browsers.

A theme’s ability to support all the web browsers is very important as websites are built to serve all customers regardless of the type of browser they use.

  1. Customization Options.

A good WordPress theme should be easily customizable within the dashboard to give it a unique look and feel. The customization option allows you to personalize your website to suit your needs without you tampering with the coding.

A really customizable theme provides users opportunity to tweak, personalize, add or remove any element to enable them create a unique website that matches your vision. Some developers offer an additional theme customization service. If your website needs customization beyond the option provided by the theme, you can contact the developer to tweak the theme to meet your needs.

  1. SEO.

It is advisable to choose a theme that is described as “SEO ready” or “SEO optimized”. SEO is the key to your website performing well in search result. SEO is mostly about keyword targeting and good content but the theme used also matters.

Themes that are SEO friendly are built with clean code. They also have a basic SEO framework that support SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast. Always look for a theme that is designed with SEO in mind.

  1. Ratings and Reviews.

Reading customers reviews and ratings can be very helpful when choosing a WordPress theme. See what users are saying and the reason and justification behind their reviews and rating. It helps you understand the quality of the theme. If most of the reviews sound frustrating, then you should steer clear as there might be something wrong with the theme.

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